Kartanon Riista was established in the spring of 1999 by two entrepreneurs Antti Eklund and Niko Hytönen. The driving force was Antti’s and Niko’s passion for hunting and game management. In the beginning the activity concentrated only to Kytäjä area.

Very quickly the operation was extended from moose and deer to waterfowl hunting and pheasant shooting. A few years later partridge was included to the repertoir. Today Kartanon Riista operates in two different hunting areas. In Kytäjä we hunt partridges, ducks, deer and moose. On the island of Strömsö driven fallow deer hunts.

Kartanon Riista has all its existence been a trail blazer in bringing forward the Finnish commercial hunting traditions. Our operation is evolving all the time and new plans are waiting for execution. The company employs in addition to the partners 2-4 persons on a yearly basis. We offer annually training opportunities for a number of students of this profession.