Whitetail deer hunt

Finland is the only place outside of the Americas where there is whitetail deer hunting in a scale that is worth mentioning. In Kytäjä whitetail deer population has been managed to a fine level. Three years we refrained completely from deer hunting. The average age of bucks has risen and some great trophy specimens are in the area. We dare, proudly offer you the deer hunting in Kytäjä.

Field hunt combination 

Field hunt combination – whitetail deer high seat hunting in the morning and evening and partridge hunting with pointing dogs at the day time.

Prices from: 1200€/hunter/2 full hunting days.

Ask more: Mari Velama +358 50 321 4668 mari.velama@kartanonriista.fi

Moose and whitetail deer hunt from the high seats  

• Morning hunt

• Evening hunt

Price: 1200€/hunter/3 full hunting days; additional days 500€ per day.  Trophy fees apply.

Trophy fees:

antlers up to 4 points 1300 €
antlers 5-8 points 1600 €
antlers over 8 points 2000 €

Female 850 €
Calf 600€
Wounded 1800 €

Whitetail deer
antlers up to up to 4 points 650 €
antlers 5-7 points 750 €
antlers 8 points 1100 €
antlers 9-12 and over 1500€

Female 400 €
Calf 300€
Wounded 1500 €

Roe Deer
Buck with or without antlers 700€
Female 400€
Calf 250 €
Wounded 500 €