Bird Hunts

Pheasant shoot

The “New Manor” pheasant shoot represents strong European sporting tradition. The warm opening of the morning is followed by the lottery of shooting places and transport to hunting grounds. The shooting is a driven hunt where beaters with their dogs drive the birds up. The guns are placed under flying routes, where the high and fast flying pheasants present a challenging target. Successful shooting requires concentration and skill. The varied landscape and terrain topography offer plenty of challenging shooting. The day ends with game parade to honor the quarry and to thank the hunters for a successful day.

Partridge Hunt at Kytäjä


The Day starts at noon in the vicinity of the famous Kytäjä Manor House. Trained pointers with guides offer exciting and challenging shooting opportunities to the guest hunters. Variable terrain, lakeside scenery and game fields create superior environment for partridge hunt. The abundance of grouse in the area guarantees a good number of joyful moments. The hunt is performed with 3-4 pointers. Shooters are divided into groups of 2-3. During the day one covers on foot a track of a few kilometers.

Duck Hunting

Kartanon Riista waterfowl hunting takes place in Kytäjä. The hunt is carried out during the evening when the birds are flying to go feeding. The hunting area is particularly designed for waterfowl wetlands.

The best time to waterfowl hunting in September and October. The hunt should be combined with, for example, partridge hunt with pointers. This way we can create an interesting and varied all-day event.