Moose hunt with barking dogs

Moose hunt with barking dogs


Kartanon Riista offers an opportunity for a unique traditional type of moose stalking.

(Middle October- end December)

The hunt takes place with traditional halting and barking dogs. Dogs are released in morning twilight into the forest. The dogs operate individually each in their own section. When a dog detects the moose and gets them to settle in a certain area the hunt may begin. The dog instructor sets off into the forest with one or two hunters. The stalk to the moose begins.

This method of hunting is extremely exciting and in good circumstances very productive. After a successful shot the game is hauled to the closest forest road. There is a dedicated team for this thus the shooter may relax after an intensive stalk.

The hunt takes place in free ranging wild game area of over 5000 ha. Several rigorously chosen dogs are released into the forest in the morning – each in their own area. The dogs and their instructors are top performers. The day ends with game parade and dinner.